Yoga: A Door To Self-realization

All our lives, we live to learn the reality of the life and the reason for our existence. A large number of people are keen to learn about self-realization but it needs a lot of composure to learn about yourself and exploring the limits of soul. Yoga has many meanings to the people, some may take it as the exercise for staying fit, while for some it is an art of meditation which gives eternal joy and connects the soul with the god. Yoga has emerged to be a healing therapy which helps in curing the chronic pain, gaining self-control, a source of motivation and much more. Let us go through some important points which can lead a person towards the idea of self-realization.

Ground yourself: the first thing which you must need to do for understanding your internal self and soul is to ground yourself. This can be done by practicing the standing poses and asanas which can help your body to get attached with the ground by standing strong on your legs with the complete cooperation of your body. The warrior poses, the chair pose, the huge lunge etc. can be of great benefit to strengthen your core and mind and revealing the potential hidden deep inside. Rishikesh yoga training starts with the basic step of grounding your body and gaining confidence to proceed with the further steps of self-realization.

Yoga: A Door To Self-realization

Inversions: people are used to of staying in their routine position of sitting standing and sleeping, which means the perspective to see the society and things remains the same. However, sometimes inversion in perspective is very important to learn about new things. Therefore, practicing the asanas like shoulder stand, head stand, hand stand etc. this would give you the insight to learn about new things and the new ideas by looking towards the problems in different ways.

Balance mind: a balanced body leads to a balanced mind. The change in lifestyle and living habits has lead to instability within our body and soul. But to survive through the situations which are unfavorable and learn about self it is very important to have a balanced mind. Therefore, practicing the asanas and poses like warrior 3, tree pose, and eagle pose can be a great effort to learn balancing of body and thus utilizing the idea of balance in your regular life. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh mainly focuses on the idea of balancing the soul and body to learn the very concept of self-realization.

By working on all these poses, with routine practice of controlled breathing anyone can explore the depth of yoga and identify the flaws within the body and soul. The entire motive behind self- realization is to identify and work on the flaws in order to be a better person at social, mental and physical levels. Yoga gives you the advantage to learn and improve on all these levels through it different asanas and the knowledge which you gain from each of them.