What Is Meditation?

In the Meditative Consciousness introductory workshop, Swami Umesh Yogi masterfully guides students towards experiencing the sublime difference between concentration and meditation.
The etymology of 'meditation' is derived from the Latin word 'medicus', which translates into physician, healing or cure. Therefore, the cure of meditation is found in the experience healing, or bringing together, the fragmented aspects of of our perception into a coherent and naturally balanced whole. It is exactly wholeness which remains the aim of all Yogic practice and philosophy.
This educative module will introduce students to a lineage of techniques developed to initiate, enliven and free the latent creative resources within themselves that may be suppressed by unconscious psychological and physiological stress. In stillness, we will consciously observe the integration of unprocessed thoughts and emotions within the boundlessly purifying body of our own self knowledge.
During the class, Swami Umesh Yogi will graciously share with students the expansive aspects of his personal spiritual journey, linking timeless lessons with practical applications for our modern world and we will learn exactly why he calls his Path To Peace mission the most important service in his life.

What Can Meditation Do For Me?

Over time, with consistent practice, you will find meditation improves many other areas of life. Meditation practice helps easily to relieve anxiety, tension, depression and insomnia. They also notice that their sleep is deeper and easier and their relationships are fuller among many other benefits. Most importantly, the reason many people keep a constant practice is that they find meditation increases the focus of mind and increase their capacity to enjoy more out of life. Waves are the nature of life and meditation brings the ability to enjoy the waves and remove the fear of drowning.

Benefits of Meditation

Clear thinking
Relief from stress and tension
Inner Peace
Increase level of peace
Increase the creativity & harmony
Improve the body-mind relationship
Improve the focus
The most scientific Method of Stress and depression Relief
Improve the conscious awareness
Improve the level of satisfaction and happiness
Improves cooperation with others
Brings more natural state of life, helping to feel a part of nature

Is Meditation Hard?

Meditation is nature of being. Meditation is the most simple flow of creation. We will let you in on a little secret. With proper guidance, meditation is an easier process than we might think. From our childhood, we are conditioned to think we need to work hard in order to accomplish anything. This belief physiologically affects us when we begin a meditation practice. This belief is like driving a car pressing both the accelerator and the brakes.

Meditation is a state of consciousness. Just as sleep is a state of consciousness, waking life is a state of consciousness and dreaming is a state of consciousness. Notice that we don’t normally have to work very hard to achieve these states of consciousness. In fact, when we try hard to experience these daily consciousness routines they seem harder to achieve. But, it is happening naturally in healthy daily life.

Can I Learn With Swami?

Learning meditation with Swami Umesh Yogi is a very simple process. Simply fill out the application form with your information and you will receive a schedule of when he is available. Because of the nature of his work, Swami Umesh Yogi travels very extensively so you may not be able to be initiated into Meditation right away. Make sure you have two hours for 4 consecutive days to be able to be initiated into Meditation with Swami Umesh Yogi. The initiation takes place in four different stages and they cannot be condensed or shortened.

What Is The Price?

We all know that there cannot be a price on inner peace, health, happiness and freedom. These are things that we all value highly. If the price was according to the principle of supply & demand. In that perspective, meditation would be quite expensive.

If the price of meditation was according to the value received over a lifetime, then also the price would be quite high. What would you give in exchange for peace of mind, satisfaction, more mental focus, compassion better sleep, more energy and better relationships?

Fortunately for us, the price of meditation is very affordable for anyone. In fact, this is his entire mission. In order to create effective social change, the members of society should be able to function from the same inner well of peace, happiness, fulfillment, energy and focus.