Experience Yoga Teacher Training As A Traditional And Holistic Progam

At Rishikesh School of Yoga, you can be sure you are learning everything you need to become an authentic Yoga Teacher.  Experience the essence of Yoga by the Himalayas with fellow yogis.


We don’t just teach Yoga, we Live Yoga. That is what you will experience here at Rishikesh School of Yoga

Discover the spiritual way of life that brings joy, happiness and inner peace to your modern world.


“There is no part of my life that has not been affected…

Yoga is the gift that keeps on giving so I feel like there are no boundaries to where it can take me.

It has affected me by strengthening and toning my physical body while giving me tools for constant renewal change of mental and emotional clarity.

It also has and continues to refine and expand my awareness. There is no part of my life that has not been affected by Yoga because it is a complete practice and knowledge base that helps you evolve into even greater wholeness and I’m excited to be able to share it with others”

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India


-Latisha Page, USA

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh School of Yoga

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Our Hatha Yoga Teacher training is a comprehensive and holistic journey into Yoga

From Asana practice to philosophy, you’ll experience what it means to live like a Yogi and develop your professional career.

Our teachings focus on making sure students feel ready and confident in their own skills to be a Yoga teacher. Giving you support above and beyond so you’ll be ready to dive into a career in Yoga when completed.

Our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is good for all skill levels. It even can be a great introductory course if you want to gain deeper insights and experience with the world of Yoga.

The most valuable aspect of a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is that you will get to experience one entire month away from distractions to dive deeply within yourself under the watchful guidance of experienced teachers. 

“Yoga is our passion and our life”

At Rishikesh School of Yoga, we provide students with traditional, comprehensive teachings on all aspects of Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Bhakti, Mantras & Vedic Science.

Our mission is to share high-quality programs which honor the timeless tradition of Yoga and gives you a comprehensive understanding of the core principals of Yoga. No matter what course you take, you will leave enriched with a new perspective on Yoga and life. 



AUG 15th – SEPT 13th 2016 – 200 HR – $1549 (Fully Booked)
SEPT 15th – OCT 13th 2016 – 200 HR – $1549  
OCT 15th – NOV 13th 2016 – 200 HR – $1549
NOV 15th – DEC 13th 2016 – 200 HR – $1549 
DEC 15th – JAN 13th 2017 – 200 HR – $1549
JAN 15th – FED 13th 2017 – 200 HR – $1549


JUNE 20th – SEP 8th 2016 – 300 HR – $1789 (Fully Booked)
SEP 14th – OCT 23rd 2016 – 300 HR  $1789
NOV 1st – DEC 14 th 2016 – 300 HR – $1789 
DEC 22nd – JAN 15th 2017 – 300 HR – $1789
FEB 1st – March 14th 2017 – 300 HR – $1789


AUG 15th – OCT 13th 2016   500 HR TTC    $ 3049 (Fully Booked)
OCT 15th – DEC 13th 2016    500 HR TTC    $ 3049 
DEC 15th – FEB 14th 2017   500 HR TTC    $ 3049 
FEB 15th – APRIL 12th  2017 – 500 HR TTC – $3049


Swami Umesh Yogi

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Rishikesh School of Yoga was founded in 1998 by Swami Umesh Yogi. Raised as a Brahman, he was immersed from childhood in the study and practice of all things related to Yoga, Pranayama, Sanskrit, Meditation, Yagyas, Astrology, Philosophy and Ayurveda. Then he formally began his discipleship under his Guru, Shree Baba Maharaja from the lineage of Bhagwan Shankracharya . . . Read More

Yogi Sebastian Tello

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Sebastian Tello is one of the lead yoga teachers at Rishikesh School of Yoga. He has taught in different parts of the US and Central America. He is known for his kindness, warmth and dedication to Yoga.  He holds a  B.S. degree in Ayurveda from Maharishi University in Fairfield, IA. He is also a Reiki Master and 500 HR Yoga Teacher Trainer. . .  Read More

Shyama Tiwari


Shyama is a master of Yoga Science, Music and Hindi Literature. She is one of the founders of Rishikesh School of Yoga. She teaches Hatha Yoga and Nada yoga. Her inspiring classes encourage students to move more mindfully, helping them to be more aware of their habits of body and mind. . Read More


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