Ayurveda in Rishikesh

A pristine system of life which has been practicing since 5000 years, "Ayurveda" is actually a combination of two words, "Ayur" which means "life" and "Veda" which means "Science" and so "Ayurveda" depicts the meaning "Science of Life".

With many stratums, Ayurveda possesses a long history. In the present time, It is the most remarkable holistic systems in the world that cover all aspect of health and well-being, i.e., physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through Ayurveda, one can be incorporated into their lifestyle with full potential: Balanced, Nourished and full of vitality.

From herbs, medicine, diet, lifestyle regimens and exercises to yogic practice; Ayurveda includes all healing methods. It is that profound understanding of natural law which helps in promoting physical as well as psychological well-being.

The Ayurvedic Philosophy
According to Ayurveda, "a proper balance between body, spirit, mind and social wellbeing is considered as perfect health". If we go with Ayurvedic Philosophy, then we came to know that the whole universe consists of five elements also known as the building blocks of life, i.e.,

• Air (Vayu): It governs the movement, sense of touch and dryness in the body.

• Water (Jala): It governs the sense of taste and the action of reproduction.

• Fire (Agni): It governs the sense of sight, the action of the legs, feelings, thought processes and the power.

• Earth (Prithvi): It governs the sense of smell and the action of excreting waste products such as feces. Stable substances of the body like bones, teeth and tissues represent the elements of the earth.

• Ether (Akasha): It governs the sense of hearing and the action of the mouth & vocal cords The well-being of a human has a powerful bearing on the quality, quantity and configured pattern of these elements.

The 3 Doshas:
• Vata Dosha: Composed of ether & air and hence pursue the qualities of them, "Vata" governs all motions in the body. When Vata becomes Imbalanced then it causes constipation, weight loss, restlessness, arthritis and digestive challenges.

• Pitta Dosha: Composed with the qualities of fire and water elements, "Pitta" governs nutrition and metabolism. Pitta imbalances can cause the shape of infection, ulcers, rashes, inflammation, heartburn and fever.

• Kapha Dosha: Primarily composed of the earth and water elements, "Kapha" governs body structure and provides stability & strength. Kapha imbalances can cause obesity, lung congestion, some types of cancer and bronchitis.

Ayurveda In Rishikesh
The terra of Rishikesh is famous for a variety of things or approach and one such holistic approach is "Ayurveda". From courses to treatments of Ayurveda, you will get the best of it in Rishikesh. This ancient system of wellness was developed was Rishis in the old times and they also believed that the treatments of Ayurveda work well in a pleasant and tranquil ambience.

So, what is more, tranquil place than Rishikesh? And hence Rishikesh is proven to be one of the best places for Ayurvedic Treatments. Also, you can find Ayurvedic Herbs or Oils in Rishikesh and its nearby areas.

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