Yoga in Rishikesh Tour

A Tour to Remember
The new and lavish trend in travel is "Yoga Tour" nowadays. It is becoming one of the most popular types of gateways for personally tailored vacation.

This relaxing trip allows participants to practice yoga in amazingly new places while leaving time for exploring local culture and relaxation. Surely, yoga tour will not only change your life but may also sap your core strength.

Traveling ignites a fire inside us; the more we learn, the more we want to learn, the more we see, the more we want to see.
Whether it's about education or exploration; both are contagious. Yoga tour offers joy in learning, the contemplation, the trial & error, the movement & moment and much more.

Choosing a perfect destination for a yoga tour is really quite confusing! There is a myriad of options for this but from all, we have to choose one. How to choose? What to choose? These questions often strike in mind while planning for a yoga tour.

The Full Education
Whether you want a historical look at the roots of yoga or simply wants to immerse in a beautiful culture; Rishikesh is the optimum choice.

Stellar teachers As a world-class yoga teacher training destination, Rishikesh has a profusion of yoga instructors who are expertise and well-professional in this field. Also, the explosion of yoga in Rishikesh means there's a variety of styles and options in yoga that make your yoga tour overwhelming.

Connecting the Body and Mind
For those who are looking to combine training of the mind and the body, Rishikesh School of Yoga combines the best of what Rishikesh has to offer.

By our program; learn or experience something new, submerge yourself in something deuced different than everyday lives. Immersing in a practice and a location gives us an advantage of truly feel our true self and more importantly, the time to enjoy it.

Beauty, Fun & Learning
Yoga Tour with Rishikesh School of Yoga will benefit your several ways. The yoga class will take place Monday-Friday at our campus and Saturday-Sunday; the days for Retreats and events at the beautiful places of the city. On Sunday, we have fun and enjoy group or individual recreation.

It includes excursion, rafting, trekking to the local temple, visit to historical places and much more. This is indeed a unique opportunity to take benefit of stretching your body and mind

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