Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

A journey of self-discovery
Wants to deepen yogic practice or interested in becoming a teacher? Then join our training and we will take you on a journey of self-discovery supported by our team of supportive, well-professional mentor, teacher and friendly fellow seekers. Simply, immerse yourself; your body, your soul, your mind, your heart in the profound ocean of yoga where you will find our path and make friends for life.

Whether you want to start your journey as a yoga teacher or just wish to deepen your yogic knowledge & practice, then "Rishikesh School of Yoga" is a right place that designed yoga courses suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners.

No matter you are a beginner or an experienced in the yogic field, the thing that matters most is your interest and desire, if you are interested in yoga or is desirous enough to enter in the wonderful world of yoga, then we heartily welcome you at our centre in Rishikesh.

Joining a yoga program at Rishikesh School of Yoga will definitely be a life-changing experience as you experience spiritual wellness and growth on all levels.

What is better than our location?
Our location is the biggest benefit for us that help us most in this journey. In between the majestic Green Himalayas and River Ganga, a small tranquil city, "Rishikesh" is situated. Away from other noisy factors, this city is a perfect location for a peaceful life.

The pleasant sound of the ringing bells of pristine temples, sacrosanctity of Maa Ganga, delicate touch of air and astonishing beauty of nature produce positive vibes that ultimately freshen up one's mood. There is kinda a magic in the environment of Rishikesh that attracts you completely towards positivity.

Lucky more than Lucky:
We are lucky to have our school in a place popularly known as "Yoga Capital of the World" and are luckier to invite you to our school for various yoga courses of all levels.

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