Kriya Yoga Meditation Rishikesh in India

Way of life
Yoga & Meditation; A path to awakening your inner self that winds back around 5,000 years in its native India. Since the last few years, it has been becoming much popular & plausible way that almost everyone chose this path for their happy & healthy life. It's an exercise cum way of life for the new millennium.

Yoga & Meditation is more than the feeling of being relaxed. It can also reverse stress-related changes that lead to poor health or depression.

Panacea for all
Not only this, yoga and meditation is also a panacea for many maladies like stress, anxiety, insomnia, disconnection & alienation.

Other than ailments, yoga & meditation has been proved beneficial to help to fight against addiction as well. And so it is simply a pleasure and privilege for an individual to experience the life-changing benefits. Whether its yoga or meditation; both re-connects our bodies with senses.

It makes us familiar with our emotions & thoughts due to which we can respond to any situation with lucidity and sagacity.

Land of Arcanum
India is a land of mysteries, cultural extremes, extraordinary beauty and sensory overload. This beautiful country has become one of the most desirable destinations for yoga & meditation.

Its astonishing beauty combine with fascinating flora & fauna and an ambient & gnostic heritage filled with stories of gods, ancient kings & queens and so on make it a place that will transform your outlook and realign into your priorities.

Rishikesh; A small and peaceful city of India is globally famous with the tag of "World's Yoga Capital". Nestled on the banks of river Ganga, Rishikesh is a beautiful city surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains and provides a calming space for yoga, meditation and relaxation.

A little about us:
This is the reason that we have chosen this splendid location to run our yoga and meditation courses. Our school, Rishikesh School of Yoga has an amazing range of talented teachers who take an inclusive, mindful approach to body and mind well-being as well.

The courses we provide are for everyone and we offer sentient and obtainable teaching where you'll definitely feel inspired and encouraged.

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