Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

What is HATHA?
Combination of two words, "Ha" means "Sun" and "Tha" means "Moon"; Hatha is the most pristine and traditional form of yoga. Hatha Yoga is not an exercise, indeed, it is the science that speeds up the spiritual evolution process of the body.

The "Surya Nadi" of the body, also known as "Pingala" is the energy flowing in the right side of the body and is denoted by "Ha" while the "Chandra Nadi", also known as "Ida Nadi" is the energy flowing the left side of the body.

Hatha yoga is simply a way to understand your body from deep inside and then to utilize asanas in a very precise direction, just to push your energy. The main motive of performing Hatha Yoga is to create the perfect balance of the body by bringing out the energies of sun and moon together.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga:-
• Purify the body.
• Awakens the vital energy of the body.
• Stops the fluctuations of the mind.
• Calm the modification of the mind.
• Make the body & fine healthy and fit.
• Brings peace & harmony to the body & mind.
• Prepares abn individual for a deeper spiritual practice.

Welcome to paradise!
Open your heart! Breathe deeply! Embrace life... and simply relax yo0ur body, mind and spirit at Rishikesh School of Yoga.

Right in the heart of the serene & sacred city of Rishikesh, our school is located. Steeping foot on this incredible land is certainly enough to calm your mind and lower your stress levels.

The holy river Ganges and "the abode of yogis", Himalayas make this land a great little hub to explore Yoga! The magic of Rishikesh completely relaxes your mind and ultimately makes it as a perfect place for a profound yoga class.

The Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course at Rishikesh School of Yoga is structured in a fine way that one can dive deep into the practice of yoga and ultimately enhance their yogic skills and knowledge in a supportive environment.

At our centre, we deliver the knowledge of Hatha Yoga on aesthetic as well as practical aspects both. It will surely open your path towards healing & peace.

The certification programs of Hatha Yoga offered by us helps an individual in bringing the knowledge of yoga to many more people. Moreover, it will let you know about the fullest potential of your body & mind.

Now, What are you waiting for?
Come & Join our yoga school, Rishikesh School of Yoga for the best Hatha Yoga Program in India!

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