Indian Yoga Centre

India has been globally well known as a spiritual destination of the world for aeons. Even many of the spiritual facts related to India had proved scientifically also. From the Vedic times; India has been witnessing a rich spiritual tradition. Indians have developed and gave various aspects of spiritualism to the world and one such spiritual aspect is YOGA!

India is the homeland of yoga; it is the place from where it all started. Yoga is not new to India; indeed it is practiced since ages in this spiritual land. Several Rishi & Munis followed the holistic method of Yoga & Meditation to get rid of all unnecessary thoughts, worry and tension.

It is to be believed that Adiguru; SHIVA started the divine practice of yoga. He shared his knowledge and learning of yoga with MaaParvati and Saptrishis. After gaining the immense knowledge of yoga from "Mahadev"; Saptrishi travelled to the different parts of the world in order to spread this divine knowledge.

Following the same tradition and aspects of yoga; the country of India has many yoga centres where one can get the profound knowledge of yoga.

Some of the famous states or cities for Indian Yoga Centres are:
• Rishikesh - Also renowned with the title of "Yoga Capital of the World"; Rishikesh is the very first choice for yoga aspirants from all over the world. The true knowledge and skills of yoga one can get from here is really incredible! The best of the city is that it is replete with the color of spirituality & peace.

The pious river Ganga flows here showers blessings to the people who visited at this holy place with the pure heart. There are lots of reason to gain the knowledge of yoga in Rishikesh.

• Goa - Goa offers a wonderful backdrop for Yoga Lovers! The sandy beaches, dreamy waves and perfect coastlines lure you for stretching and asanas. If you wish for both wellness & pleasure at the same time; then certainly Goa is the place to be! Whether you want a detoxifying yogic holiday or a rejuvenating yoga course; Goa offer you both!

• Kerala - One of the most visited places in India, Kerala is quite famous among yoga lovers! If you are seeking for a peace and relaxation; then surely Kerala is the place you think of.

The glowing sun, staggering palm trees, traditional houseboats and accredited temples create a suitable environment for yoga and meditation. The capital of the state; "Thiruvananthapuram" is known as the hub of yoga schools. Besides this, there are also many other yoga destinations in the beautiful state of Kerala.

• Himachal Pradesh - The beautiful state of India; "Himachal Pradesh" is becoming a hub for yoga enthusiasts. The majestic snow-clad mountains, charming sceneries and peaceful environment make it a wonderful destination for yoga. Dharamsala, Mcleodganj, Manali, Kasol and Shimla are some of the most visited yoga destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

The awe-inspiring locations of the yoga schools in Himachal Pradesh have an incredible power to make you relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

• Pondicherry - Another place in India for yoga aspirants is Union Territory of South India, Pondicherry! It is certainly the wonderful place for a refreshing and rejuvenating yoga holiday.

The charm of the place can't be easily described in words. Pondicherry is also famous for Sri Aurobindo Ashram; an internationally famed yoga centre. If you are seeking for a perfect yoga course; then this is the prime destination for it!

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