Neelkanth Mahadev Temple in Rishikesh

Witnessing the Nobility of Shiva
Perched at a height of 1330m; NeelkanthMahadev Temple witness the nobility of Lord Shiva! The temple amidst the sylvan forest is the sacred abode of Mahadev.

Lord Shiva is the most generous God and hence also known as with the name, "Bholenath". Shiva is the Hindu God with immense powers; he has the power to destroy our pains, our problems, our sufferings. He has been known as the most benevolent Lord. There are a lot of events that prove this true.

Some of the Mythological Events Related to Lord Shiva!
There are not 1 or 2 but a lot of mythological events related to the benevolence of Lord Shiva!
• King Bhagirath was performing a very deep penance in the Himalayas for bringing the river Ganga to earth from the heaven as only she could bestow nirvana or Moksha to the ancestors of Bhagirath, i.e., 60,000 sons of King Sagara who because of the curse of sage Kapil, burnt to ashes.

With this tough penance of King Bhagirath; Goddess Ganga agreed to descend on the earth but she said; "The mighty tides of my flow might sweep away the whole planet.

Only Shiva has the power to channelize my effect". Lord Shiva agreed to receive the heavenly destructive shock of the falling water of the Ganga and so Ganga landed on Shiva's head before descended on the earth. He absorbed the destructive might descent on his locks. This clearly shows that nothing can exist without Shiva; he is everywhere! He is the supreme!

Mythological Belief Behind Neelkanth Temple!
During "SamudraManthan"; Devas (Gods) &Asuras (Demons) determined to obtain Amrita from the ocean and so they both start churning the ocean bed in order to get the holy Amrita (Elixir) or Nectar of Immortality. But despite Amrita, venom originated from the ocean and becomes a matter of destruction for the world and so Lord Shiva drank that poison to save the universe.

This benevolent act of Shiva turned his throat blue and from then, he is also known by the name "Neelkanth". NeelkanthMahadev Temple in Rishikesh is the same place where Shiva consumed the poison. Devotees visit this sacred temple and worship Mahadeb in the form of a "Shivlinga".

Drinking poison to save the universe is just a small act for Shiva; he has always been the most benevolent God of all!

Picturesque Location of Temple
The beautiful temple of NeelkanthMahadev stands adjacent to the mountain ranges of Nar-Narayan and bounded by the lush green hills & thick forests.

The valley of Manikoot, Vishnukoot and Brahmakoot encircled the temple. This sacred abode of Lord Shiva offers a picturesque and mesmerizing scenic vista.

The NeelkanthMahadev Temple marks the presence of lots of devotees, especially during "ShravanMela". If you are a BholeBhakt or searching for peace and positivity; then certainly this the best place for you in Rishikesh, India.

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